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The Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network, where like-minded people connect with each other to exchange knowledge, and opinions and learn. It’s an employment-oriented social network with more than 800+ million members. Marketing on a platform like LinkedIn can be used to:

  1. Raise brand/product awareness

  2. Make connections

  3. Generate leads

  4. Foster business relationships

  5. Share content and drive website traffic

Many successful B2B companies incorporate LinkedIn marketing as an integral part of their campaigns because of its capability to generate quality leads and conversions. When creating a perfect marketing strategy to expand your business, these are a few areas that you should keep an eye on to level up your LinkedIn game -

Define Your Target Market

Audience segmentation is the starting point of any successful campaign, knowing your audience, their interests, behaviour, hobbies and purchasing habits will help you personalise your campaign, its message and your product for the best results.

Perfect Your Brand Page

An attractive business page is required for businesses on LinkedIn. Unlike the personal profile where people post about their own personal achievements, a company page is something that reflects a virtual store and builds brand recognition. Your Linkedin company page is the perfect place to showcase your work, achievements and testimonials with your target customers. Perfecting your company page is more likely to work on the public face of your organization.

Use LinkedIn Ads To Promote Your Content

Like many other social media platforms, you can enhance your brand awareness and engagement with the help of LinkedIn Ads. With precise targeting options, LinkedIn ads show your content to your potential customers and instigate conversions and lead generation.

Types of LinkedIn Ads :

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored ads are displayed on the newsfeed of your targeted customers. These ads are used to amplify the content you share and thus increase your content reach which would not be possible organically.

  • Sponsored In-Mail

Ads that go directly to the inbox of your targeted customers are more like personalized emails. You can put a CTA button on the text ads like website visit, book now, product checkout or services we offer.

  • Text Ads

Pay-per-click ads that appear on various company pages, for instance, the home page, group pages, profile pages etc.

Content Is The King

Unlike other social media, you have to keep in mind that LinkedIn is a more mature and professional platform so the content should be made keeping this thing in mind. The content should add value to the life of your customers. Sharing useful and meaningful content consistently that could be beneficial to your audience will help to retain your clients, set you up as an industry expert and encourage audience engagement.

Use Of Multimedia In Content

The use of multimedia like visuals, graphics and videos make your content more eye-catching and interactive. As the quote says “ a picture speaks a thousand words” so a good visual is always more interactive than a normal chunk of text. Also, images help to retain the information better and instantly create an impact on the minds of the viewers. LinkedIn allows users to use a variety of multimedia like videos, images, graphics and even PDFs to make the content more engaging and encouraging.

LinkedIn Social Groups

Linkedin Social groups or communities are places where like-minded people or industry experts come together and participate in discussions. This can be an excellent way to network with other businesses and build relationships. Sharing your content on social groups gives your brand much-needed exposure and will help to build a loyal community of followers.

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn analytics is an awesome feature that gives you metrics like reach, unique page visitors, engagement rate, CTR etc. about your campaigns and helps to assess the progress. By keeping an eye on the KPI you can personalize your campaign anytime for better results.

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