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How To Sell Like Crazy On Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner! Big brands are preparing themselves for record-breaking sales on their websites and in their physical stores. It is by far the craziest shopping holiday in the world. Brands offer huge discounts with the goal of increasing sales and retaining loyal customers.

This year Black Friday is on November 26th, let’s explore some strategies you can implement to get your target audience's attention!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one way to nail the social media game. They are still one of the best ways to inform people about your products, services, and deals. Using hashtags like #BlackFriday #BlackFridaySale will expand your audience.

Give Discounts, Freebies, Or Offer Free Shipping On Social Media

The holiday season is a great time to strengthen your bond with your customers and put a smile on their faces. You can use different social media channels to let them know that you are offering amazing deals on Black Friday. Free shipping is another great way to get people excited and shopping!

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Providing customers with additional benefits like discount codes, loyalty points, lower prices or new products makes them feel exclusive. Creating a sense of urgency around Black Friday will cause your customers to act fast while the deal is on.

Create An Early Access E-Mail List

Black Friday Is the perfect time to build up your e-mail list! According to Shopify data, email is the highest converting channel for the holiday season with a 4.29% conversion rate. By offering early access to your deals to email subscribers you are bound to grow your list!

As Black Friday Day is around the corner, brands are throwing huge offers and deals on their products. This holiday season is ideal.

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