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How The Instagram Algorithm Works in 2022

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

What is the Instagram Algorithm? The Instagram algorithm is a series of rules that tells the app how and when to a particular piece of content to different users. The algorithm takes a variety of parameters into account including location, device type, trending topics, relevance, user history and user interest. In short, It dictates who views the content that you post and who doesn’t.

As the Instagram algorithm keeps evolving, the marketing strategies you use on Instagram today might not work tomorrow. Thus brands need to adapt their marketing strategies to fit the algorithm of the present day.

How does the Instagram Algorithm work in 2022?

The Instagram Algorithm in 2022 determines the order in which posts show up on a user’s news feed when they are navigating through it. Posts that are deemed more relevant are prioritized and pushed to the top of the feed, while all other posts are positioned below.

While the new algorithm is susceptible to change, the following three primary ranking indicators can still help you plan your Instagram strategy:

  • Relationship with the user: If a particular user has engaged with most of your former posts on Instagram, they are more inclined to interact with content you post in the future. As a result, it's critical to maintain consistent, recurrent interaction on your posts if you want to establish a loyal following.

  • Interest shown by the user: Users that engage with content and accounts similar to yours are more likely to be shown your posts.

  • Relevancy of the Post: Instagram assigns a relevancy score to every post that you publish, which in turn determines who views your content.

Some other factors to consider:

  • You'll have greater competition for the top position in a user's feed if they follow too many accounts.

  • If some users aren’t very active on the app, and don’t spend too much time on it, your content will most likely not be seen by them unless your post is in the top position of their news feed

  • Personal accounts on Instagram have higher organic reach that business/creator accounts

  • If your content doesn’t adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines, your post will end up being taken down. If this happens multiple times, the account may be suspended.

  • If you post something that Instagram deems to be false information, the post will be tagged as such and will appear lower in the feed and Stories. If you repeatedly share false information, Instagram may place a shadow ban on your account.

  • Likes and comments aren’t the most important metric to get your post to the top of the feed anymore, but rather the number of times your post is reshared and saved by users.\

  • Consistency is still key: make sure you publish posts on a regular basis


With the ever-increasing competition on Instagram, changes to the algorithm are inevitable. However, if marketers are prepared to adapt, you'll discover fascinating new ways to reach your target audience.

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